Our Story

"Our vision is to create unique living environments and collaborate with architects and interior designers in order to improve our clients` personal and collective quality of living. We`ll be happy to do the same for you." – Nati Even Zur, Even Zur Carpentry

Even Zur Carpentry aspires to create exciting living environments for its clients, which cater to their practical needs and establishes new standards in esthetics and originality. Even Zur utilizes innovative methodologies and cutting-edge plating, hinging, carpentry and production technologies, while leaning on its extensive experience and knowledge, handed down from generation to generation.

Even Zur was founded in 1980 by David Even Zur, who began practicing carpentry at age 13. David`s carpentry shop quickly began to specialize in diverse furniture production for private and commercial clients, as well as architects and interior designers. Even Zur is currently managed by Nati Even Zur, David`s son, who returned to his old stomping ground after a career in high tech. Since taking the reins, Nati has aligned Even Zur Carpentry with 21st century practices, while enforcing its key value: quality carpentry – and a little extra.

Even Zur Carpentry aspires to create a warm, personal connection with its clients. This connection leads to better products, enhanced attention to details, shorter supply times, stringent quality assurance and identification of hidden client needs. These and more are the building blocks of a unique business that rises above all expectations, transforming each project from successful to extraordinary.

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